“Equally at home loaded with tools and rushing between jobsites during the week, or getting sand on the treads on a weekend escape up the beach, I am Harry, your all purpose adventure machine. I joined the team at ARB Springwood as a factory fresh SR5 Toyota Hilux and my workmates quickly ensured that my electric blue duco wasn’t the only reason I would stand out in the sea of dual cab 4wd utes.  Drawing upon the best products available on the market from the industries leaders including Redarc, GME, Mickey Thompson, Warn, Safari and ARB, the team transformed me into an all purpose adventure machine that is ready to work and play 24/7.”

The ARB Ascent canopy offers the latest in canopy design with central locking, vents, LED lighting and a style that compliments Harry the Hilux perfectly.  Additional lighting has been added to the rear lift up window to bring more light onto the tailgate and the ARB Alloy Rack sits on top of the canopy allowing for extra storage, LED work lights and the fitment of the ARB aluminium awning.

Underneath the canopy hides the ARB Outback Accessories modular drawer system complete with the ARB stainless steel pull out table which slides back neatly under the top of the drawer when not in use.

A 39L Enmach water tank resides at the front of the tub, cut into the drawer panels nicely to retain the full false floor. Complimenting this is a water pump and shower system hidden under one of the wing panels.

The battery system is a work of art.  A Redarc BCDC1240D gives charge to a Revolution Australia 100Ah Lithium battery when the vehicle is running.  For those times when it is parked up at camp a Redarc 120W solar panel takes care of the power so running the 60L ARB Elements fridge is no problem at all. This is monitored by a Victron battery monitor, compatible with Bluetooth, you can get comprehensive live updates on your power system through your phone.

An ARB Frontier tank has been fitted, allowing for 140L of diesel to be carried without additional jerry cans.  With the extra fuel, you won’t hesitate checking out what’s around the next corner!

Water ingress can quickly put an end to your adventure so for those exciting creek crossings a Safari Snorkel and ARB diff breather kit have been fitted.

An Electronic Rust Protection System (ERPS) keeps Harry in top condition.  A charge is delivered through the vehicle to prevent the formation of rust and corrosion, a must have if you are doing any beach driving.

As offroaders, we are always chasing clearance under our 4x4s.  The Old Man Emu BP-51 Suspension not only delivers clearance, but ride quality as well. Adjustable on compression and rebound, these bypass shocks can be customized to suit terrain and driver needs.

If you are adding weight to a vehicle you should consider a GVM upgrade to stay legal.  A 3465kg upgrade is available for the Hilux and finishes off the Old Man Emu suspension. A set of Black Hawk upper control arms have also been included in this suspension package (since the photoshoot) to allow for a better when alignment after the vehicle has been lifted.

Rims and tyres have been upgraded to a new look. Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 265/70/17s are wrapped around a set of Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 Pro 2 17x9s. The ATZ P3 is the perfect hybrid tyre, halfway between an all terrain and a mud terrain tyre.  Offering awesome offroad characteristics but still maintaining on road manners.

An ARB Twin Compressor has been mounted behind the back seat inside Harry’s cab.  Utilising a custom bracket, the compressor and tank are a neat fit and hidden away from the elements.

The outlet has been plumbed to the drivers’ seat which makes life easier when trying to pump tyres up on a barge or ferry and rear access is not an option. The compressor is also linked to the ARB Air Locker, providing unbeatable traction when hitting the rough stuff.

Continuing inside the cabin, the latest XRS UHF Radio from GME has been fitted.  The XRS series boasts upgradable software and Bluetooth capabilities with many updates planned for the future.  Instead of the slotted holder for the handpiece, it has been replaced with a magnetic holder to make life a just a little bit easier.

The new ARB Skins not only dresses the seats with ARBs signature topographic print, but gives protection from dirt and spills. Available for the front and rear seats, Harry has everything “covered”.

Situated along the A-Pillar is the latest ARB Linx system.  This user interface controls a multitude of 12V accessories including the ARB Twin Compressor, ARB Locker, Spotlights, load assisting airbags and it even shows multiple battery voltage! Utilising an expandable platform, the system communicates via Bluetooth with a unit hidden under the dash.  12V items can be wired into this unit so they can be controlled by the interface replacing the classic, hardwired switches and centralizing the command for the driver.  A Redarc gauge monitors what is going on with the engine, so if you are towing or the engine is under load you can see if things are getting a little hot and adjust your driving style accordingly.

Navigation is always critical when offroad, it could mean the difference between a great adventure and a lousy one, so a Hema HX-1 takes its rightful place on the dash.  Held by a sturdy RAM mount, the HX-1 incorporates the latest offroad mapping and on road navigation so you can easily plan your trips in advance.

If you have ever travelled into the countryside you’ll know that quality vehicle protection such as bullbars, rear bars, and under vehicle plates is essential. An animal strike can occur when you least expect it, and sometimes rocks and ledges take on a life of their own even when you try your best to miss them.

A colour coded ARB Summit Bar was selected for the front line, a full steel protection bar which also houses a Warn Zeon winch for those “oh no” moments. The contrasting ARB Intensity spotlights adorn the front of the bar, burning a path in front of the mighty Hilux and providing outstanding light projection.

Rated ARB recovery points are bolted to the chassis using high tensile bolts.  Safety is paramount in a recovery situation and these offer a secure anchor point for snatch straps and winches. The ARB Under Vehicle Protection is a series of 3mm thick plates bolted to existing points underneath the car, allowing rocks to glance off the steel panels instead of doing damage to vital components.

The ARB Summit barwork continues down the sides and rear of Harry the Hilux.  The Summit side steps have been colour coded to match the vehicle with a powdercoated black tread plate.  Bolted back to the chassis, they offer unmatched strength for offroading. The Summit Rear bar ties in with the vehicle characteristics and shows off a smart and practical design with hidden trailer and Anderson plugs.

With the build now complete, the ARB Springwood team are proud to have the Harry the Hilux on display at the next generation store. If you own a dual cab, regardless of the badge, be sure to drop in at ARB Springwood and take a look at this all-purpose adventure machine.