Much like the seasons, a 4×4 build is guaranteed to change.  We first met Mr.Grey about 18 months ago and by now every enthusiast has seen the video and read the spec sheet.  Mr.Grey changed the landscape of the 4×4 industry and paved the way for touring builds utilizing the same platform.

A Desert Adventure traversing iconic roads such as the Hay River Track and the Madigan Line, encompassing legendary names such as Uluru, Kings Canyon, Birdsville and Mount Dare has prompted the addition of new accessories to the 200 Series Landcruiser. A build focusing on desert necessities such as water, fuel and vehicle performance; industry leaders were again called up to offer their best.  The result is something much more than the original. Innovative, practical and inspirational.

With fuel and water being the biggest obstacle on this kind of adventure, a steel Long Ranger tank was fitted in place of the spare tyre.  This tank combines fuel and water into one unit with 122L of diesel (215L when combined with factory main tank) and 55L of water.

There were small but practical modifications made to the Long Ranger product with a quick connect filler plumbed underneath the flip up tailgate panel.  This was also run through a one way valve and pressure reducer. The outlet for this tank can be found on the inside of the Kaymar wheel carrier.  The original work light switch has been converted to activate an added water pump so accessories such as a shower rose can be attached to the system.

With the addition of the tank, naturally a secondary fuel filter from DieselCare was fitted just in case a bad dose of fuel found its way into the belly of the beast.

A newly fitted Kaymar rear bar with single wheel carrier takes pride of place at the back of the Landcruiser.  Adding the fuel/water tank required the relocation of the spare tyre from underneath the vehicle. The rear bar not only allows a place to mount the spare tyre but offers increased ground clearance and heavy duty protection against offroad obstacles. The wheel carrier arm blends seamlessly into the original reflector assembly of the 200, completely hiding the pivot point.

Factory sensors are fitted into the bar with provision for the factory towbar, trailer plug and Anderson plug with the number plate being relocated on to the tyre carrier.  Cutouts give you the ability to use a Hi-Lift jack and LED tail lights finish off the modern look of the bar.

A smart approach was required to create additional storage to match the ARB Drawer system in the back.  So the second row seats were temporarily removed and construction began on a lockable storage system incorporating some additional accessories including a second water tank, and a CelFi Go system.

The internal water tank is hooked up to a water pump with the outlet plumbed to the passenger side.  It can be filled through an inlet in the top of the top of the tank hidden away under the carpeted enclosure.

A CelFi Go was included in this stage of the build.  A black GME antenna has been mounted to the spare tyre on the back, while the unit is being housed behind the new cargo system.  The mobile phone signal booster is controlled via the new ARB LINX interface in the cockpit of the 200.  A simple push of a button and the unit will any Telstra mobile a signal boost, perfect for those times when you have only one or two bars available or a bad connection.

The dash has become less cluttered since the last time we saw Mr.Grey with the addition of ARB Linx.  This user interface centralizes the vehicle command into one place and gives the driver full control over auxiliary accessories with the touch of a button.  Some features include voltage monitoring for up the 3 batteries, air compressor control, air bag pressure adjustment, air locker switching, inclometer and a master switchboard. With the ability for future updates, the options are endless.

Additions to the roof include two solar panels from Goal Zero to help out the Lifestyle Energy System when the car isn’t running.  When the vehicle is parked or camped, these panels will supplement the battery system and allow for longer stays at those special locations.

Rhino Rack make a huge range of accessories to bolt to their platforms.  A staple of any camp, the shovel will make its home on the side of the Pioneer Platform utilizing the Rhino Shovel Holder.

The TredPro is a recent addition to the ARB product lineup.  The ultimate recovery aid is available in two brilliant colour schemes with complimentary mounting system available.

Walking around the vehicle, the first thing that grabs you is the twin ARB Intensity Light Bars mounted to the roof rack. Complementing the round ARB Intensity lights on the bullbar, these heavy duty light bars offer a huge amount of light in a compact unit and have been designed to withstand extended periods of vibration over extreme terrain.

While the 200 in stock form is a rocket, with the additional weight of the accessories comes a noticeable drop in performance. While we focus on upgrading the carrying capacity of these vehicles with GVM suspension upgrades, we don’t tend to notice the gradual loss of power that coincides with the addition of bullbars, drawers, fridges, vans etc.

Safari have developed a performance ECU to counteract this loss, offering a safe and reliable system with 5 selectable modes depending on the type of work. Built in safety features that protect your engine and driveline are also backed by a 3 year/100,000km warranty from manufacture date.  Safari also has the ability to tune and diagnose remotely,  how’s that for standing by your product?

If you’d like to know more about any of the products featured on Mr.Grey, please give our friendly staff at ARB Springwood call on (07) 3493 3030.