The first 70 Series Landcruiser started production in 1984 and has established a cult following in Australia ever since.  A tough and capable, back to basics machine popular among farmers, fleets and explorers. While the current LC70 remains comfortingly true to its heritage, many people are turning to this vehicle for outback touring/towing duties.  Originally aimed towards being a farm ute or an agricultural workhorse, we are now asking more from them. Since the humble beginnings of the 70 Series, Toyota has delivered us 4 distinct variations of the original platform, one of them being this awesome blue 76 Wagon which was dropped off at ARB Springwood recently.  Combining the reliable heritage of the Toyota Landcruiser and the quality of ARB 4×4 Accessories has made this wagon one of the best.

Front end protection has been taken care of with an ARB 60.3mm Deluxe winch bar.  Doubling as a platform to mount other accessories, the ARB Deluxe Bar offers the ultimate safeguard against wildlife and collisions. The ARB Intensity Spotlights, complimented by the ARB Intensity light bar, are a striking display of contrast.  Proven lighting performance from an established brand, the ARB Intensity range definitely lives up to its name.

The Bushranger 12,000lb winch has been tucked away neatly behind the bar with the hope of never having to actually use it. To go along with the winch, an ARB rated recovery point was fitted to allow for double line pulls, or snatch recoveries.

The new GME XRS Radio has been fitted with a 1.2m Aerial specific for touring duties.  This UHF gives the user more control over the device and allows for future software upgrades.  A rugged and strong design using only quality components makes this the choice for any serious offroad vehicle.

Lifting the bonnet with the assistance of two aftermarket gas struts, we can see the dual battery system for running the fridge and accessories.  The DEKA battery is housed firmly into an ARB battery tray and charged through a Redarc BCDC1225D.  Complementing the charge every now and then with a C-Tek 240V charger will only prolong the battery life and give you a reliable system for years. Water crossings are inevitable when touring Australia, so differential breathers have been diverted to the engine bay terminating in a filtered manifold.

The Safari ARMAX Snorkel has been plumbed into the side of the guard replacing the factory Toyota raised air intake.  It is important to know that the original Toyota unit is definitely not a water tight snorkel and should be replaced with a fully sealed unit if you are planning on doing any kind of offroading.

A complete towing setup has been fitted, incorporating a Hayman Reese towbar, Redarc Towpro Elite, Anderson plug and electric Clearview Mirrors.  All of these items are essentials when towing vans safely.

On top of the LC76 is an ARB Aluminium rack with the typical touring embellishments of a high lift jack, shovel, ARB jerry can holder, ARB awning and spare tyre.

The ARB Intensity light bar makes its home at the front of the rack, tying together with the ARB Intensity spotlights on the front of the vehicle.  KORR lighting provides exterior side and rear lighting for when you are pulled up at camp. The custom centre console from Department of Interior offers a warm welcome when you enter the vehicle.  The woeful factory console has been removed in favour of a smart and functional unit equipped with cup holders and plenty of storage.  You can even rest your arm on it!

Hiding under the seat is an ARB Twin Compressor. Pumping out 166L/m with a 4L air tank under the vehicle, this system can be used for pumping up tyres, air tools or just blowing the sand out of the cab.  Available in both a portable and on board option, the ARB compressor is a must have for any offroad adventure.

The ARB Drawer system brings organization to the rear of the wagon.  A low drawer on one side with a built in slide makes the ARB fridge accessible and ready to go.  Beside it sits a higher drawer suitable for use as a pantry or just general storage or small loose items that usually wander around inside the cabin. A cargo barrier completes the arrangement. Loose items can quickly become airbourne when four wheel driving or in the unfortunate event of a car accident. The barrier keeps the vehicle occupants safe and sound from flying objects.

With the addition of all these accessories, an Old Man Emu suspension has been fitted with a GVM upgrade.  The tried and tested Nitrocharger Sport system is the perfect touring suspension and tailored to every vehicle in the OME catalogue. A comprehensive suspension kit that covers all bases, nothing has been overlooked.  Everything from greasable shackles, sway bar extensions, caster kits and even a rear sway bar is available. Old Man Emu back their suspension with a 3 year/60,000km and a huge national ARB network to help out wherever your adventure takes you.

If you are thinking about a new vehicle, the Toyota Landcruiser 70 series needs to be on your shortlist.  And of course make sure you see the specialist team at ARB Springwood so you know all the options available to you.